Bailey’s Veg, Tomato and Herb 4kg -organic based


Use Baileys Grow It Local Veg, Tomato & Herb for healthy and luscious vegetables and herbs. Improves pest and disease resistance and overall plant quality and yield.

This unique product combines a slow release base of organic blood and bone with essential plant nutrients, trace elements and soil improves. So it not only feeds your garden with a complete range of nutrients, but it also builds and contributes to a healthy soil structure. Added Zeolite holds nutrients and water in the root zone where it is available for plant uptake.

Zeolite reduces leaching, improves soil aeration and structure. Added Humates improve the fertility of the soil, increasing the conversion of plant available nutrient and
stimulating beneficial microbial activity and root growth. This unique formulation encourages lush growth, plant resilience, and disease resistance.

It feeds the garden with a complete range of nutrients, builds soil capacities, improves soil fertility and stimulates microbial activity. It is specifically developed for WA soils.